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Hanah Silk
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 Big Silk T
A Big Silk T

A Big Silk T Pattern
This Big Silk T is knitted on #35 needles using the seed stitch. It is joined at the shoulders and underarm, leaving most of the side seam open. Great casual overshirt.

Materials Needed
#35 Needles
(8-9) spools of Hanah Silk Ribbons (using 8 different colors)
Scissors, tapestry Needle

Also Available in a Kit!

Crinkled Silk Halter Top Pattern
Crinkled Silk Halter Top

Crinkle Silk Halter
Top Pattern

This top is knitted completely with Hanah's Silk's Crinkle Silk Rippins. It can be finished in one day since it is knitted on #19 needles.

Materials Needed
#19 Needles
(2-3) bags of Hanah Silk Rippins
(1) spool 7/16" Hanah Silk Ribbon
Scissors, J Crochet  Hook

All Buttoned Up Pattern
All Buttoned Up

All Buttoned Up Pattern
A stunning, versatile jacket that can be worn multiple ways and is reversible!

Materials Needed
#35 Needles
(7) bags of Hanah Silk Rippins (color shown Stormy Monday)
1/2 yard of crinkled silk fabric
Scissors, Needles, thread
(4) Covered buttons

Kaleidoscope Pattern

Kaleidoscope Pattern
Hanah Silk's first signature sweater showing the diverstiy of our colors. 100% silk and knitted with #15 needles. This ancient pattern can also be knitted as a short sweater.

Materials Needed
(15) spools 5/8" Hanah Silk Ribbons (using 15 different colors for 27" long sweater)
(12 spools 5/8" Hanah Silk Ribbon (using 12 different colors for 21" long sweater)
#10 1/2" and 15" circular needles
Tapestry Needle, Scissors
Balls of Trendsetters's Sunshine (color Cocoa)

 Shipmates Pattern

Shipmates Pattern
This perky top is knitted with #15 and #17 needles and can be worn on or off the shoulders. Perfect summer wear.

Materials Needed
#15 & #17 needles
(2) Mixed Bags (your choice)
Scissors, crochet hook
Tapestry Needle

Tiny T Pattern 
Tiny T

Tiny T Pattern
Answering the fashion world's demand for very short and very tight. Hanah has designed a Tiny T shirt that comes to the waist, has tiny cap sleeves and hugs the body.

Materials Needed
#19 Circular Needles
(2-3) bags of Hanah Silk Rippins
(2-3) spools of 7/16" Hanah Silk Ribbons
Tapestry Needle
#H Crochet Hook

Also Available in a Kit!
 The Swinger Pattern
The Swinger

The Swinger Pattern
This long-sleeved "swing" jacket is wider at the bottom and 38" long. the neckline is wide to show off a beautiful neckpiece or blouse. The body and sleeves are knitted from Hanah silk's rippins.

Materials Needed
#35 Needles
(9-10) bags of Hanah Silk Rippins (shown in Moon Dust)
1/2 Yard of matching  crinkle silk
(1) spool 5/8" matching Hanah Silk Ribbon (shown in Moon Dust)
Fusible Tricot
Scissors, J Crochet Hook