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Summer Rose Bouquet
Featuring Hanah Silk ribbons
Designed by Helen Gibb
Copyright 2003 All Rights Reserved Helen Gibb

Summer Rose
Summer Rose
Summer Rose

You will need:

  • 36” of 3” wide pink grosgrain or heavy silk ribbon
  • 12” of 1 ½” wide bias cut silk ribbon, Blushing Bride for rose center
  • 1 ½ yards of 1 ½” wide bias cut silk ribbon, Blushing Bride for 3 folded roses
  • 1 ½ yards of 1 ½” wide bias cut silk ribbon, Cherry Blossom for 3 folded roses
  • 56” of 2 ½” wide bias cut silk ribbon, Blushing Bride for tea rose petals
  • 2 yards of 1” wide Meadow Sweet or Green Apple for knotted loop leaves
  • 1 yard of 1” wide bias cut silk ribbon, Chameleon for three stem covers
  • 1 yard of 1” wide bias cut silk ribbon, Meadow Sweet or Green Apple for three stem covers
  • One yard of ¼” wide satin cording – Sun Mist for stem wrap and bow
  • Seven 9” pieces of 20 gauge wire for rose stems - 6 small folded roses and one large tea rose
  • 20 pearls for scattering on rose petals and ruffle

  • Steps:
    Large Pleated Ruffle: Using the 36” of wide pink grosgrain ribbon, divide and pin the ribbon into sixteen or so pleats. Each pleat is 1” and overlaps by ½”. Stitch the pleats at one edge with two rows of stitching. Sew the two raw edges together so the pleated ribbon forms a circle of pleated ribbon. Set aside.

    How to make the ribbon tea rose:
    Summer RoseMake a tea rose using 12” of 1 ½” wide silk ribbon for the coiled rose center; use 12” of 2 ½” wide silk ribbon for three, rolled corner petals (each petal uses 4” of ribbon); and use 44” of 2 ½” wide silk ribbon for eight, rolled corner petals (each petal uses 5 ½” of ribbon). Refer to the pink diagrams for the coiled rose and the yellow/red diagrams for the rolled corner petals. Stitch three smaller petals to the coiled rose center first.

    Summer RoseOverlap, and stitch the eight larger petals around the smaller petals in a clockwise direction. Complete the rose by trimming the excess ribbon from the base of the rose. Cover the raw edges at the base of the completed rose with 4” of green bias silk ribbon wrapped as you would floral tape.

    Make 6 Folded Roses:
    Summer RoseFollow the yellow diagrams to make six folded roses using 18” of 12 ½” wide bias silk ribbon for each rose. Make three roses from the Cherry Blossom ribbon and three roses from the Blushing Bride ribbon. Note: before stitching the coiled center of the folded rose (step 3) insert a 9” piece of wire into the ribbon and secure with a little tacky glue. When the rose is completed cover the raw edges at the base of the rose with green 3” of bias silk ribbon.

    Make 6 Knotted “Leaves": Using 6” of 1” wide Meadow Sweet or Apple Green bias ribbon, make a knot at the center and then fold the ribbon in half so a loop is formed. Secure the raw edges with stitches. Sew/glue one loop leaf between each of the smaller roses, when you are composing the bouquet.

    Make 7 Stem Covers: Using 8” of Chameleon or Meadowsweet 1” wide ribbon stitch up the long sides of the ribbon so a tube is formed – think Spaghetti straps! Invert the tubes and slip them over each of the rose stems. Glue the top of the ribbon stem under the base of the rose to secure.

    Putting the Bouquet Together: Optional embellishing idea – sew small pearls to several of the flower petals and randomly around the pink ruffle. Gather all the stemmed roses in your hand with the smaller folded roses surrounding the large tea rose at the center. Insert the roses into the hole at the center of the ruffle. Gather/sew the ruffled ribbon to tightly fit around the roses. Wrap the Sunmist cording around the base of the roses under the ruffle and down about 3”. Secure with stitches or glue. Tie a bow using 12” – 18” of the Sunmist cording around the stems.

    For more inspiring ideas on ribbon flowers go to:www.helengibb.com
    Hanah Silk Bias Ribbons available from Artemis: www.artemisinc.com

    Helen Gibb is the author of the best selling ribbon books, The Secrets of Fashioning Ribbon Flowers and Heirloom Ribbonwork. She is also a frequent guest on the Carol Duvall Show. To find out more about Helen’s books, half dolls, ribbons, ribbonwork classes, and retreats contact Helen through her web site – www.helengibb.com , e-mail helen@helengibb.com , call 303-673-0949 or write Helen Gibb Design, Inc 1002 Turnberry Circle, Louisville, CO 80027.

    Artemis - your source for Hanah Silk ribbons Phone: 888-233-5187