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Hanah Silk
100% Silk
 Made in the USA - Dry Cleanable

Next to each color in brackets is the [Colorway] where the ribbon can be found.

Abalone (A) ABALONE [Pastels]
Fallen Leaves (FL) FALLEN LEAVES [Earthtones]
Olde English Christmas (OC) OLDE ENGLISH XMAS [Greenery]
American Beauty (AB) AMERICAN BEAUTY [Brights]
French Roast (FR) FRENCH ROAST [Earthtones]
Old Ivory (OI) OLD IVORY [Earthtones]
Aqua Chocolate (AC) AQUA CHOCOLATE [Trend]
Forest Shadows (FS) FOREST SHADOWS [Greenery]
Periwinkle (P) PERIWINKLE [Pastels]
Alpine Flower (AF) ALPINE FLOWER [Pastels]
Garnet (G) GARNET [Brights]
Peach Blossom (PB) PEACH BLOSSOM [Spring-Fall]
Auralina (AR) AURALINA [Flowers]
Green Apple (GA) GREEN APPLE [Greenery]
Peaches & Cream (PC) PEACHES & CREAM [Pastels]
Aurora Borealis (AU) AURORA BOREALIS [Brights]
Golden Lichen (GL) GOLDEN LICHEN [Spring-Fall]
Pearl Diver (PD) PEARL DIVER [Flowers]
African Violet (AV) AFRICAN VIOLET [Brights]
Golden Maple (GM) GOLDEN MAPLE [Earthtones]
Peace (PE) PEACE [Flowers]
Blushing Bride (BB) BLUSHING BRIDE [Pastels]
Green Tea (GT) GREEN TEA [Spring-Fall]
Passion Flower (PF) PASSION FLOWER [Spring-Fall]
Blue Rice (BE) BLUE RICE [Earthtones]
Hot Flash (HF) HOT FLASH [Brights]
Peppermint (PM) PEPPERMINT [Flowers]
Black Forest (BF) BLACK FOREST [Trend]
Her Majesty (HM) HER MAJESTY [Trend] Pine Needle (PN) PINE NEEDLE [Greenery]
Bougainvillea (BG) BOUGAINVILLEA [Brights]
Hydrangea (HY) HYDRANGEA [Flowers]
Pink Rosebud (PR) PINK ROSEBUD [Greenery]
Bali Hai (BH) BALI HAI [Flowers]
Indigo Earth (IE) INDIGO EARTH [Spring-Fall]
Painted Desert (PT) PAINTED DESERT [Spring-Fall]
Bridal Ivory (BI) BRIDAL IVORY [Pastels]
Italian Wall (IW) ITALIAN WALL [Earthtones]
Raven (RA) RAVEN {Brights]
Blue Lilies (BL) BLUE LILIES [Flowers]
Jungle Bird (JB) JUNGLE BIRD [Earthtones]
Rusty Bucket (RB) RUSTY BUCKET [Earthtones]
Blue Jeans (BJ) BLUE JEANS [Pastels]
Kaleidoscope (KL) KALEIDOSCOPE [Brights]
Robins Egg (RE) ROBINS EGG [Pastels]
Briar Rose (BR) BRIAR ROSE [Flowers]
Key Lime (KY) KEY LIME [Greenery]
Rose Nectar (RN) ROSE NECTAR [Pastels]
Big Sky (BS) BIG SKY [Spring-Fall]
Lobelia (L) LOBELIA [Flowers]
Rudbeckia (RU) RUDBECKIA [Spring-Fall]
Cabernet (C) CABERNET [Brights]
Liquid Amber (LA) LIQUID AMBER [Spring-Fall]
Sapphire (S) SAPPHIRE [Brights]
California Poppy (CA) CALIFORNIA POPPY [Brights]
Lemon Meringue (LM) LEMON MERINGUE [Flowers]
Salmon Berry (SB) SALMON BERRY [Spring-Fall]
Cherry Blossom (CB) CHERRY BLOSSOM [Pastels]
Lingerie (LN) LINGERIE [Pastels]
Sea Cave (SC) SEA CAVE [Brights]
China Doll (CD) CHINA DOLL [Spring-Fall]
Lavender Rosebud (LR) LAVENDER ROSEBUD [Greenery]
Sea Goddess (SG) SEA GODDESS [Spring-Fall]
Celebration (CE) CELEBRATION [Flowers]
Leaves Turning (LT) LEAVES TURNING [Spring-Fall]
Stonehenge (SH) STONEHENGE [Earthtones]
Chameleon (CH) CHAMELEON [Greenery]
Lupine (LU) LUPINE [Flowers]
Solistice Sky (SK) SOLISTICE SKY [Flowers]
Chocolate Rose (CO) CHOCOLATE ROSE [Trend]
Misty M) MISTY [Pastels]
Sunmist (SM) SUNMIST [Pastels]
Copper Patina (CP) COPPER PATINA [Brights]
Marmalade (MA) MARMALADE [Flowers]
Stormy Monday (ST) STORMY MONDAY [Earthtones]
Carnation (CR) CARNATION [Spring-Fall]
Mango Ice Cream (MC) MANGO ICE CREAM [Pastels]
Terrazzo (T) TERRAZZO [Earthtones]
Cymbidium (CY) CYMBIDIUM [Spring-Fall]
Moon Dust (MD) MOON DUST [Earthtones]
Teak (TK) TEAK [Earthtones]
Dandelion (DA) DANDELION [Flowers]
Moon Goddess (MG) MOON GODDESS [Earthtones]
Terra Rosa Moss (TM) TERRA ROSA MOSS [Earthtones]
Daisy Mae (DM) DAISY MAE [Flowers]
Midnight Star (MI) MIDNIGHT STAR [Brights]
Tuscany (TS) TUSCANY [Earthtones]
Daydreams (DY) DAYDREAMS [Flowers]
Mocha Mint (MM) MOCHA MINT [Greenery]
Valentina (V) VALENTINA [Brights]
Echinacea (EC) ECHINACEA [Spring-Fall]
Morning Glory (MN) MORNING GLORY [Spring-Fall]
Victorian Rose (VR) VICTORIAN ROSE [Pastels]
Electric Dancer (ED) ELECTRIC DANCER [Brights]
Monet (MO) MONET [Greenery]
Wisteria (W) WISTERIA [Pastels]
Earth Mother (EM) EARTH MOTHER [Greenery]
Midnight In Paris (MP) MIDNIGHT IN PARIS [Trend]
Wild Berry (WB) WILD BERRY [Greenery]
Eggplant Olive (EO) EGGPLANT OLIVE [Spring-Fall]
Mossy Rock (MR) MOSSY ROCK [Greenery]
Wintergreen (WG) WINTERGREEN [Greenery]
Fawn (F) FAWN [Earthtones]
Mother Spirit (MS) MOTHER SPIRIT [Brights]
Wild Iris (WI) WILD IRIS [Flowers]
Fantasy (FA) FANTASY [Brights]
Midas Touch (MT) MIDAS TOUCH [Earthtones]
Willow (WL) WILLOW [Spring-Fall]
Fresh Celery (FC) FRESH CELERY [Greenery]
Meadow Sweet (MW) MEADOW SWEET [Greenery]
Wild Oats (WO) WILD OATS [Spring-Fall]
Flamingo Glace (FG) FLAMINGO GLACE [Greenery]
Ophelia (O) OPHELIA [Pastels]
Wild Rose (WR) WILD ROSE [Pastels]

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