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Hanah Silk
All Patterns - $3.00 each
Minimum Requirement - 3 each


 Chinese Lantern Purse Pattern
Chinese Lantern Purse

Chinese Lantern Purse Pattern
A silk lined purse using Hanah Silk's 1/2" cording and 5/8" silk ribbon. This popular, elegant purse can be knitted and lined in an evening.

Materials Needed
#9 & 13 Straight Needles
#19 Circular Needle
(1) 20 yard spool of 1/4" cording
(1) spool of 5/8" Hanah Silk Ribbon
Scissors, Tapestry Needle
Sewing Needle & Matching Thread
14" W x 9" L Crinkled Silk Fabric for Lining

Also Available in a Kit!

Coming Up Roses Purse Pattern
Coming Up Roses

Coming Up Roses Purse Pattern
A fabulous little knitted evening purse knitted with Hanah Silk ribbons and Trendsetter's Benario yarn. The stitches look like little roses.

Materials Needed
(1) Box of Hanah Silk Treasure Box
(6) Yards of 1/4 " Cording
(1) Ball of Trendsetter's Benario Yarn
#11 Circular Needles
(1) Cosmentic purse
Scissors, Crochet Hook
and/or Large Eye Tapestry Needle

Fiesta Purse Pattern
Fiesta Purse

Fiesta Purse Pattern
A fun, poof purse knitted with binario yarn and Hanah Silk Limited Editon ribbons.

Materials Needed
#7 Circular Needle
G Crochet Hook
(2) Boxes of Hanah Silk Limited Editons
(2) Balls of Trendsetter Binario Yarn
(2) Yards Matching Cording

Floribunda Purse
Floribunda Purse

Floribunda Purse Pattern

A lovely knitted purse with a charming embellished flower made with Hanah Silk ribbon. So beautiful you’ll want to make one for all your friends.

Materials Needed
6 oz Sugar N Cream by Lily 4 ply worsted cotton. Color Ecru (18004) or 5 oz Lion worsted Cotton color Natural (98)
(1) spool 5/8" Hanah Silk ribbon (shown in Sunmist)
(1) 3 Yard Package of 5/8" Hanah Silk ribbon (shown in Bridal Ivory)
(1) spool of 5/8" Hanah Silk Ribbon (shown in Old Ivory)
(1) spool of Hanah Silk 1/4" cording (shown in Sunmist)
#7 Needles, #7 Crochet Hook
(1) button, (1) darning needle
(1) fine sewing needle, extra strong sewing thread

Also Available in a Kit!

Riches in Silk Purse
Riches in Silk Purse

Riches in Silk Purse Pattern
Made with Hanah Silk Shibori Rippins & Metallic Yarn.

Materials Needed
#11 Circular Needle
35 Yards of Hanah Silk Shibori Rippins
(1) ball of Metallic Yarn
(1) Ball of Trendsetter Sorbet #2 yarn
Tapestry Needle
Sewing Needle & Thread
#F Crochet Hook
1/4 Yard x 15" silk fabric for lining

Velvet Loomed Purse
Velvet Loomed Purse

Velvet Loomed Purse Pattern

Made with Hanah Silk Velvet Ribbon!

Materials Needed
11 Yards of Hanah Silk 1" Velvet Ribbon in Liquid Amber
1 Bag Lorna's Lace Wool Tops in Camouflage
1 large Butterfly Loom
Size 16 Crochet Hook
1/2 Yard of Material for Lining