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Hanah Silk
All Patterns - $3.00 each
Minimum Requirement - 3 each


 Baby Hanah Cardigan & Skirt pattern
Baby Hanah
Cardigan & Skirt

Baby Hanah
Cardigan & Skirt Pattern

What a cute set for your little one in ultra soft yarn embellished with ribbon.

Materials Needed
#10.5 Needles
(3) Blossom by Trendsetter (shown in Blush)
(1) 5/8" roll of Hanah Silk Ribbon (shown in Carnation)

 Baby Hanah Pullover & Hat Pattern
Baby Hanah Pullover & Hat

Baby Hanah
Pullover & Hat Pattern

Another great  little one pattern with a pullover top and a hat to match, made with ultra soft yarn and embellished with ribbon.

Materials Needed
#10.5 Needles
(1) 5/8" roll of Hanah Silk Ribbon (shown in Monet)
(3) Berroco Plush in color 1944 (Lime)

  Barely Enug
Barely Enuf

Barely Enuf Pattern
A top that covers the front of the body with cording sewn at two places on the sides to be tied at the back. The cording sewn at the shoulders and the bust line serves as the sleeves.

Materials Needed
#15 Needles
(2-3) bags of Hanah Silk Rippins
(1) spool Trendsetter Yarn
(1) 3 Yard package of 1/4" cording
#H Crochet Hook
Needle and Thread


Candy Colors
Candy Colors

Candy Colors Pattern
Super cute top!

Materials Needed
(3) spools of Hanah Silk Ribbon (shown in Pink Rosebud, Wild Oats & Morning Glory)
(2) Enigmas by Colinette (shown in Toscana)
#11 Circular Needles

Peach of a Top Pattern
Peach of a Top

Peach of a Top Pattern
Simply wonderful. Beautiful, elegant, yet casual enough to wear with jeans or a beautiful silk skirt.

Materials Needed
3 Yards of 2 1/2" Hanah Silk Satin Ribbon (shown in Mango Ice Cream)
(7) skeins of Monarch by Trendsetter (shown in Spice Island)
#11 Needle


Potpourri Pattern
This top is knitted completely with Hanah's Silk's Crinkle Silk Rippins. It can be finished in one day since it is knitted on #19 needles.

Materials Needed
(2) 5/8" spools of Hanah Silk Ribbons (shown in Fresh Celery & Blushing Bride)
(1) bag of Hanah Silk Rippins (shown in Mango Ice Cream - Optional)
Crystal Palace Shimmer,
Color 4640 (90 Yards)
Plymouth Yarn Athena,
Color 67 (77 yards)
Anny Blatt Calisson in
Pastits (93 yards)
Trendsetter Liberty,
 color 125 (65 yards)
#10.5 Needles

Sea Grass
Sea Grass

Sea Grass Pattern
Hanah Silk's first signature sweater showing the diverstiy of our colors. 100% silk and knitted with #15 needles. This ancient pattern can also be knitted as a short sweater.

Materials Needed
(2) bags of Hanah Silk Rippins (shown in Sea Cave)
(5) balls of Classic Elite's Fame, Color Willamette Blue
#8 & #15 Needles
1 Crochet Hook size 8 or H

  Social Butterfly
Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly Pattern
Carol Porter has given us another elegant top to dress up almost anything you choose to wear with it. You can drop the ribbons off shoulder or pull them up to cap the shoulder. Either way it will enhance your knitted wardrobe.

Materials Needed
(1) 8-oz skein of Blue Heron's Cotton and Rayon Seed in Spring Leaf
(1) spool of 1" Hanah Silk Satin Ribbon in Italian Wall
#7 & #9 Needles

 Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze Pattern
Sometimes a pattern comes along that makes you feel elegant or daring. this one of those patterns. It all depend on what you choose to wear under it. The pattern is a simple open-work stitch combining yarn with ribbons and the front and the back are held together at the neck, the shoulder and bottom of the sleeve with short ribbon ties.

Materials Needed
(3) spools of 5/8" Hanah Silk Ribbons (shown in Auralina)
(1) skein in Cotton and Rayon Seed in Celadon by Blue Heron Yarns
#11 Needles
Wild Flowers Top
Wild Flowers Top
Wild Flowers
Top Pattern

Sometimes you can only say, "Isn't that just pretty as a picture?" That's the reaction we've had to this top. Designed by Carol to celebrate spring with its multi-colored yarn, lacy stitch and masses of cut 1" satin tied onto the sleeves. Fresh, new and a top that ce be worn with velvet, jeans or a long organza skirt for evening and, of course, it's matching shawl -Wild Flowers Shawl.

Materials Needed
(1) spool of 1" Satin Hanah Silk Ribbon (shown in Wild Rose)
(3) 8-oz skeins of Cotton and Rayon Seed by Blue Heron Yarns, color Sand
#9 & #10 Needles
Size G Crochet Hook